Courier Insurance

Courier Insurance

What is Courier insurance or hire and reward insurance?

If you use your van to carry or deliver other people’s goods for money, you need hire and reward insurance or courier insurance as part of your courier van insurance.

Hire and reward insurance is vital for a variety of different professions, including couriers, removal companies, drivers and taxi drivers.

It’s important to have insurance so that you’re covered in the event that the goods you are transporting get damaged or stolen. Without having the right courier van insurance policy in place, it could potentially cost thousands of pounds to replace them.

It’s also a legal requirement, so it’s vital to get the right policy for you.

If you have a courier insurance, you might need also a good in transit and public liability insurance.

What does insurance with hire and reward cover you for?

If you have hire and reward insurance, you’ll be covered for any loss and/or damages to the goods you are delivering. Instances that hire and reward insurance covers you for include:

  • Being involved in a road accident
  • Having your vehicle stolen
  • Having your vehicle broken into
  • Personal injuries

Having the right hire and reward cover in place means that you’ll be covered for any legal costs, damage to your vehicle, replacement stock and/or vehicle and any compensation sought for personal injury claims.

What can affect the cost of your insurance premium?

Hire and reward insurance is known for being more expensive than your courier van insurance policy. This is because you are not only insuring your own vehicle, but the belongings of others as well.

Factors that can affect the price of your hire and reward insurance premium include:

  • No claim bonus or how many no claims you have
  • If you have Romanian (EU) driving license you might pay more for courier insurance
  • Moldavian (NON EU) driving licensees are not insurable.
  • The type of goods you are transporting: the more valuable the goods, the higher your premiums. So, for example, if you are transporting some antique furniture for a customer, your premiums will be higher than if you were transporting stationery.
  • How much driving experience you have: if you’re 21 and have recently passed your driving test, you will be considered a higher risk than a 50 year old with decades of experience.
  • Your vehicle size: The larger your vehicle, the more expensive your insurance policy will be.
  • Your mileage: the more miles you do on the road, the greater the risk. For example, if you often drive in poor weather conditions or at night, this will affect your insurance premiums.

Why choose us for courier van insurance with hire and reward?

We pride ourselves in assessing each customer as an individual, so we can provide a hire and reward policy that’s right for you and your circumstances.

We’re one of the most recognized hire and reward brokers, so you know you’re in safe hands if you take out a policy through us.

We don’t believe that, just because you’re transporting someone else’s goods, you should pay over the odds for your insurance. That’s why we always deliver competitive quotes to all of our customers.

Get in touch today for your cheap hire and reward insurance quote.

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    Leave your contact
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    in 24 hours

    If you've got a question or need help using our services, just let us know. Our agents are fast and trained to answer your questions.

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