Life and Critical/Serious

It may be a hard subject to discuss, but putting life and critical / serious illness cover in place for your clients could be the most important thing you ever do for them.


The new Aviva and Friends Life combined proposition has brought together our very best protection solutions, support and service. We’ve designed products around customer need and value and created a suite which is both flexible and tailored.

Protection designed around your business and your clients’ needs.

Why choose Aviva?

Our products - We offer a range of protection solutions with the flexibility and choice to cover a broad range of client needs. Life Insurance+, Critical Illness+, Income Protection+ and Living Costs Protection all include a range of benefits and options that can provide tailored protection solutions.

Clients who take out one or more of these products will also benefit from access to: ‘Support Plus’ – a range of added-value, non-contractual benefits that can help them through difficult times. These include Second Opinion by Best Doctors®, BUPA Anytime Healthline, and Counselling and Carer Support provided by Workplace Options. Please remember that as these benefits are non-contractual, they can be withdrawn at any time.

In addition, advisers are able to offer their clients the option of adding Global Treatment or Fracture cover to any of these products for an extra cost. Extra care cover can also be added to further enhance critical illness cover.

Legal & General

With over 7 million customers we are one of the leading UK financial services companies. You might be surprised at just how much we can offer you and your customers. Take a few minutes to discover our full range of products, and why working with us makes sense.

What we can offer

Our range of protection products and solution suites are designed to help financially protect your clients family, home and business:

  • Term Assurance
  • Income Protection Benefit
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Family Protection
  • Business Protection
  • Relevant Life Plan
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Multi-protection Menu
  • Priority Protection
  • Personal Protection


At Vitality, we don’t just protect the things that mean the most to you – we help you and your clients to get more from life. That’s why we develop cutting-edge products that address both yours and your clients’ needs now and in the future.

What we can offer

  • Life Cover
  • Serious Illness Cover
  • Income Protection Cover
  • Family Income Cover
  • Education Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children
  • Life Cover for HIV+ individuals
  • Minimum Protected Account
  • Protected Life Cover
  • Waiver of Premium on Incapacity
  • Waiver of Premium on Death
  • Waiver of Premium on Serious Illness Cover
  • Vitality Plus


Zurich’s disciplined operating approach and continued strength has ensured that we remain one of the most financially stable insurers during turbulent times. Zurich protection is provided by Zurich Assurance, which is part of the Zurich group.

What we can offer

Life and Critical Illness
Clients looking to provide a sum of money to protect their family should they die, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness, or a critical illness covered by the plan.

Income protection
The plan covers both the employed and the self-employed, to protect themselves from loss of earning should they be unable to work.

Whole of life
The Adaptable Life Plan is a whole of life assurance plan that is designed to pay out a sum of money when you die.

Business Protection
Businesses looking to provide a lump sum of money to protect their future revenue, pay off liabilities or provide funds should an owner or employee die, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness, or a critical illness covered by the plan.

Relevant Life
Relevant Life is a tax-efficient life insurance policy, allowing Companies to offer a death-in-service benefit to its employees (including salaried directors). It’s set up by the company and pays out a tax-free, lump sum on the death (or diagnosis of a terminal illness) of the person insured. The proceeds go directly to the employee’s family or financial dependents.

Whether you're Zurich Plus or Openwork Select you can benefit from:

  • Comprehensive product portfolio, including Whole of Life, Mortgage and Family, Relevant Life, Business Protection, IHT
  • Inclusive underwriting philosphy
  • Access to dedicated experts
  • Submitting business online
  • Marketing support


Income protection should be an essential consideration for people who are reliant on their income to maintain their financial commitments and lifestyle.


LV= started out protecting families 170 years ago and to this day, our principles remain the same. As a leading protection specialist with an award winning portfolio of income protection products, you can choose the right protection solution for your client.

Whole of

Our whole of life proposition from Zurich offers a solution where term cover isn't appropriate

Whole of life providers

Relevant Life

A Relevant Life Policy (RLP) is effectively a single life death in service plan, proposed by an employer, on the life of an employee, allowing business owners a tax efficient route to life cover benefits.

The premiums are paid by the employer and offer considerable tax advantages. Relevant Life Policies can be a great way to generate further Business Protection opportunities.

Relevant Life Policy Providers


Business protection offers the opportunity to move into a lucrative new market offering advice to businesses on protecting themselves against the loss of key staff, loan liabilities and share purchase.

Business Protection Providers


MultiProtect provides a tax-free cash lump sum in the event of specified accidental injury.

Accident Protection Providers

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